2020 Census

The numbers collected help with funding for services in OUR Community, please participate!

Every 10 years, a census is taken of all persons living in the United States. It is important that every Illinois resident be counted so our state population accurately reflects our needs.

While many Illinoisans will answer the census questionnaire when it arrives, some demographics are consistently undercounted due to low participation.

The following groups are historically undercounted in the census:

Veterans, military and personnel living on Illinois military bases;
Minority communities;

Retirees spending their spring and summer in Illinois and wintering in a warmer climate;

Illinois university/college students with a permanent residence outside Illinois;

Persons living in large housing units or apartment complexes;

Foreign born residents (documented and undocumented) living and/or working in Illinois;

Farmers and their families residing in rural Illinois counties;

Children under age 5; and
Homeless population.

Every resident of Illinois is depending on you to make sure Illinois counts by participating in this important opportunity.

Jesse White
Illinois Secretary of State
Chair, Illinois Complete Count Commission


Public access computers are available to access and fill out the census at the following locations:

Adams County Court House
507 Vermont, Quincy
Adams County Health Dept.
330 Vermont, Quincy
Adams County Farm Bureau
330 S. 36th, Quincy
Adams Electric COOP
700 E. Wood, Camp Point
Camp Point Library District
206 E. State, Camp Point
Clayton Library District
211 E. Main, Clayton
Community for Christ Assistance Center
113 E. Jefferson, Camp Point

Four Star Library District
132 W. State, Mendon

Greater West Central Library District
309 Quincy St., Golden, IL
Horizon Food Pantry/Soup Kitchen
224 S. 8th, Quincy
JWCC Library
1301 S. 48th, Quincy
Quincy City Hall
726 Maine, Quincy
Quincy Public Library
526 Jersey, Quincy
Quincy Salvation Army Shelter & Family Services
501 Broadway, Quincy
Quincy Senior Family Center
639 York, Quincy
Quincy University Brenner Library
1800 College, Quincy
Quincy Workforce Center
107 N. 3rd, Quincy
Teen Reach/Bella Ease
1201 N. 12th, Quincy
Two River Regional Council
107 N. 3rd, Quincy
WGCA 535 Maine, Suite 10 (upstairs), Quincy
YMCA 3101 Maine, Quincy
YWCA 639 York, 2nd Floor, Rm 202, Quincy

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