Contact The Village Board

President: Mark Homan,
Clerk: Ray Meyer,
Secretary/Treasurer: Karen Shaffer, Secretary: Irene Burke,
Water Superintendent: Terry Homan,
Stan Burke,
Myron Koch,
Peggy Homan,
Paul Walker,
Mike Rabe,
Scott Dedert,

Trustee Assignments:
Water/Sewer: Mike Rabe & Scott Dedert
Park: Paul Walker & Peggy Homan
Town Hall, Office: Peggy Homan & Stan Burke
Streets/Sidewalks: Stan Burke & Paul Walker
Deputy & Ordinance Enforcement:  Myron Koch & Deputy Parrish
Employment Matters, Wages, Insurance: Mike Rabe & Scott Dedert
Ordinance Review and Updates: Myron Koch, Terry Homan, Karen Shaffer, Irene Burke,
and Board Members assist as needed.

If you have an issue, suggestion or Ideal for any of the assignments,
you can email the designated person above by clicking on their email above.


If you would like to see any Village Agenda, Minutes or Ordinances then
please email Village Clerk Ray Meyer at

 Meetings: Village Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.
The Agenda for each meeting is Posted 48hrs before the meeting on
the Village Office window, on the Village Website and on the Ursa Village Facebook page.

Public is welcome to come to the meetings and address any
comments and/or concerns to the Board.
If you have a particular concern or comment and would
like to address it to a Trustee before the next meeting, then you
may contact Ray Meyer at the email above or call the Village Office.
The Village Office hrs are 9-12 M-F and 9-12 and 1-5 on Thursdays only.
If you call after hrs then you may leave a message on the Village answering machine.