Download (PDF, 4.98MB, Ordinance-224.pdf)



Download (PDF, 10.08MB, Ordinance-144.pdf)

Open Burning

Download (PDF, 2.79MB, Ordinance-213.pdf)

Download (PDF, 2.79MB, Ordinance-213.pdf)

If you are going to have a controlled burn, it is a COURTESY to please notify the Ursa Fire Dept, Assistant Chief Terry Fuller at 217-242-4269. Please notify with the name, address of the controlled burn, AND a contact number.  It is also advisable to contact 911 at the NON EMERGENCY number at 217-222-9360 with the same information. THIS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!

Ordinance 240, Repealing 49, House Numbering

Download (PDF, 2.51MB, Ordinance-240-Repealing-49-House-Numbering.pdf)

Ordinance 252, Adopting Prevailing Wage

Download (PDF, 3.54MB, Ordinance-252-Adopting-Prevailing-Wage-2016-17.pdf)

New Ordinances as of 13 July, 2016

Ordinance 253, Appropriations Ordinance 2016-2017

Download (PDF, 6.2MB, Ordinance-253-App-for-Corp-Purp-2016-2017.pdf)

Ordinance 254, Tax Levy Ordinance 2016-2017

Download (PDF, 6.22MB, Ordinance-254-Tax-Levy-2016-2017.pdf)


Posting of New Ordinance #240.
The Establishment and Maintenance
of a Village Wide Addressing System,
and also a New Resolution on water leaks and filling of swimming pools. 

If you would like a copy of this new Ordinance and or Resolution, please email Village Clerk Ray Meyer at ursavillage@gmail.com, it is posted in the window of the Ursa Village Office, The North Adams State Bank in Ursa, and also at Nonnies.